The Company Ranch Diorama

The Union Lumber Company had a ranch where they raised livestock and grew vegetables and fruit for their lumber camps. The original Company Ranch was 9 miles along the Skunk Route from Fort Bragg,

COO (Chief Operating Officer) and President Chuck Whitlock have combined their talents to build an outdoor diorama showing Company Ranch Operations.


The cattle and horse corrals

The cattle and horse corrals

Horses unloading at Ranch

Horses unloading at Ranch

Loading cattle at Ranch

Loading cattle at Ranch

No, it’s not finished – there’s no cow pats yet!!!!!!!!

A Sommelier’s view of the layout

Daughter  Holly (she’s a sommelier) was in town for a very few days recently. As usual she prowls around the layout looking for what has changed since she was last here, Here’s what she spied:

Click on any photo to enlarge ……..

A Drone’s Eye View of the MCMR&HS (Mendocino Coast Model Railroad and Historical Society) layout

Club member Roger Thornburn recently sent out this e-mail to club members …..

“Chuck’s grand-son-in-law, Nathan, used his drone to make a video of the outside of the barn [wherein lies the MCMR&HS layout].  It’s now up on YouTube and you can see it here –

I’ve also added it to the YouTube page on our website – .I think Nathan would like to get one from the inside as well!!!!.


It’s a great vid.

As Others See Us – Amazing Photos by Stephanie Perdue

I received this e-mail from Stephanie Perdue today:

“…….. Thank You…. and to Chuck for giving us the “VIP” experience. We had a great time and my father-in-law was thrilled to see everything. You guys are amazing and have done great work with your museum, we are honored to have met you and learned of your experiences.

Look forward to seeing you again, next time.
Thank You again..”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
The photos that Stephanie sent were absolutely fab. Those that are of the layout are in the gallery below. The others of the Skunk Train are in the Hobo Laments blog. Double click on any photo to see them all full size.

Thank you so much Stephanie.