Wooden Railroad for the Little People

The little people like to touch. 99.9% of the time the mums and dads keep their curiosity under control.  Early on we decided not to install a barrier between visitors large and small and the layout. So in a fit of sheer genius a member suggested that we build a small layout sepecially for the little people. Below you see club member Joe Green putting the finishing touches to a 4 foot by 4 foot base.

The layout is constructed of scrap 4 by 4’s with 1 by 2 cross members. The top is a 4 foot by 8¬†foot half inch ply edged with 1 by 2’s. Joe painted it with several coats of exterior paint. It’s been in heavy use since it was put in place. We charge adults 3 cents an hour to play. We do NOT do babysitting!!!


4 by 8 piece of half inch plywood

Track and trains are Brio knockoffs. The starter set we bout from the Skunk Train gift shop. Additions were acquired from Ikea. The trains and track are stored on a shelf beneath the top.