Our layout – a look back at near the beginning

When I “work the crowd” at our layout there are two questions that I am asked the most:

  1. How long did “this” take to build?
  2.  How long did it take?

The year was 2012 – Roger Thornburn (our computer guru) and I decided we would make movies. We fantasized about Fort Bragg becoming the Bollywood of Northern California. We had never made movies before but that didn’t deter us. We decided that we had better start small with the subjects of local history and the layout. We thought that club members would be eager to have their name in lights. They weren’t eager and the only sucker who would stand in front of the camera and spout was me. So be it.

For club members who weren’t around “in the beginning” this movie will provide a glimpse into the past and the beginning of our layout. For non-members here’s my answers to those two qurstions in film: