Basil Casabona’s Mega Santa Fe consist running on the AGNR

This is an extract of an e-mail that Chuck sent out today …. “Today [Club Member] Basil [Casabona] got to run his beautiful SF {Santa Fe] consist on our AGNR [Ain’t Goin Nowherer Railroad]  layout. Many of our members got to see it run. Several members were able to capture it on their cell phones, so I’m sure you’ll soon see pictures. All members had face masks & maintained social distancing.”

I only have a fat fingered phone so didn’t use it to record the event. I did, however, have my Kodak Brownie and got a few snaps – see below: (Click to see full size


Ain’t Goin Nowhere Layout pics

Last week we were lucky enough to have our Florida Club members visit – Bobby and Barb Cowan. Bobby took this great pic of one of our three truck shays on the move:

Three truck shay on the move

My pics …….